Finally, Voice to Text for Mac, that works!

Hot-key activated, Target Pattern let’s you speak right into your computer and get text as fast as you talk.

And it’s enhanced with AI by accepting user prompts.

14 day free trial included


Best way to work smarter, not harder

“Target Pattern shaves minutes off of every typing-heavy task that I do. I live in Slack, Google Docs, and email all day, every day, so that adds up to hours per week and days per month of time saved. It’s my new secret weapon and I joke that I hope too many people don’t find out about it, or I may loose my competitive edge!”

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 12.26.56 PM

Brian Dainis
Envision Den

It Works Where You Work

Get the power of accurate and highly responsive text-to-speech across all of the apps you use daily on your Mac. Also enhance that with generative AI that you can prompt with your voice and output wherever you point your mouse.

Communication Apps



Design Tools

Don’t see your app? If it works on Mac, it works on Target Pattern!

14 day free trial included

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